Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a thought...

Idk about ya'll, did this shit not catch on? Whatever...I'm glad I'm done with the grips of creative control that is....nahhh let's not go there.

<3 CHuck Taylors,
"I'm sorry I'm the shit,
and you ain't shit..."


  1. i thought that shit was sick charles back when it was released. fuck whackass soulja. im from the A and i dont even begin to try and rep tat nigga. u coming back on ur bday man?

    on a side note dude i have turned sooo many nigas on to u since u went on ur supernatural vacation not trying to say u owe me anything or any bullshit like that but please just keep doing ur part and ill keep doing mine as a starchaser haha

  2. im so confused

    chuck taylor . . .


  3. I wondered the same thing. Considering you killed him. haha...

    I feel like CHuck Taylors represents alot of "mixtape" sentiments. There's been a lot of stuff quoted from Crash Landed, Outside Looking, and Death of a Mixtape Rapper, but not really projects.