Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wow, that's dope...

CHuck Taylors.
"Did you catch the subliminal?
Charlie San Diego,
no catchin' a criminal."


  1. challs/ chuck/ imposter why post only couple of ays maybe goodbye beggining was a girl/ imposter or the real charles but im confused as hell and i dont know what to believe anymore

    hell maybe localjerk and chrisdot are the masterminds

    hahaha jk chris, maybe not localjerk though . . . hmmmm


  2. It's no nest in my birds eye view, Sonic with a high IQ, fly by you in a jet, mind you. Who said they sicker than C? My flow like mixin' liquor n weed, N1GGA I'M ME.

  3. whoever that is there. . . that was sick

    props haha

    even if it is just someone fucking with us


  4. i always thought charles would be sick on some outkast beats...he proved me right on vh1 storytellers.

    cudi is undeniably dope as well. one of my lesser favorite cudi tracks but a good one nonetheless.