Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Perception is nothing/reception is everything...

What is reality to you?
What has life become to me?
I've spent HOURS trying to make my next move. But ya'll don't know this deadass, goin' thru personal issues, then hearing kids say the vibrations/noises from my head keep them going. Like, smh, how do I react to that?
"A man cannot become a hero until he sees the root of his own downfall..."
^I deadass told myself, not now..they aren't ready. I swear I have become the Dave Chappelle of my field, (random rumors, slight CHuckle), I didn't know what to expect. BUT thank you all...and until next time.
.<3 CHuck Taylors,
"I get to do whatever I wanna do,
cause I'm whatever,
I do whatever IN FRONT OF YOU.."


  1. take ur time charles. the true starchasers will still be here waiting for you.

  2. haha i do whatever i wanna do hahahahahah

  3. until next time...

    meaning hes done...

    meaning forever the thought of this guy being ch will run around our minds even while ch denies it if and when he ever comes back...

    sounds like something the ch we know would do......

    but in ALL of ch blog posts i can hear him talking...

    this i get nothing...

    i dont buy it...

    i know its not him...

    UGH.. yall need to not be so gullible

  4. hahah thats weird i got the opposite feeling of what you just said

    i hear him talking kinda sorta

    except the



  5. I think it's him. He may not say it though. We're perceiving its him and in reality...

  6. I don't want you to feel pressured.
    If nothing more, I just want to know that YOU feel that you are okay. You do what you feel you need to until then. And if you can't decide take some time.

    We'll be here.