Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thought provoking questions....

What is love without heartbreak?
What is praise without criticism?
Who are believers without doubters?
All-in-all what is the night without the morning, what is an existence without an absence?
Hmmm...thought provoking, eh? Lmpinkao.
<3 CHuck Taylors,
"***beep***", better? ha.


  1. Love without heartbreak is lust.
    Praise without criticism is cockiness.
    Believers without doubters are starchasers.
    Night without morning is sleep.

    My hands are powerful enough to crush a boulder, yet delicate enough
    to crush a butterfly.

  2. love without heartbreak is perfection

    praise without criticism is perfection

    believers without doubters are scientists..

    n the night without the morning is a dark abyss

  3. Just because I feel like I can do something with this, haha..:

    Love without heartbreak isn't "life".
    Praise without criticism is fear.
    Believers without doubters equals oblivious.
    Night without the morning is death.

    And existence without absence is contradiction.

    But that's just me. haha...

  4. Welcome back, sir

    oh yeah

    Love without heartbreak is true love
    Praise without criticism is empty words
    Believers without doubters are all you've got after this absence
    Night without the morning is blindness
    (Lastly) Existence without absence is God Him-*ahem* HERself quietly watching on the Outside Looking